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A bread bakers mystery novel

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A bread bakers mystery novel

My mother reads mysteries by the author Lou Jane Temple.  Recently she brought one over that she thought I would like.  ( I'm not a mystery fan)  It is called Bread on Arrival, and as the title suggests, it is a bit of a hokey story.  But the fun part is that the author weaves the story around artisan bread baking.  The murder(s) occur in Kansas during a convention of professional artisan bakers. 

 A quote from Publisher's weekly says: "... a thin mystery that sometimes spends more time on the technicalities of bread-baking than storytelling. Kansas City bakers and restaurant owners prepare for the arrival of the ARTOS convention, a gathering of bread bakers who promote natural breads and loathe assembly-line products."   

With characters named Heaven Lee and General Irwin Mills, it's a bit silly, but the bread part is detailed and even brought some questions to mind.  Now even escapism reading can center on bread baking...


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I'll check the book out!


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same here. i have to admist reading has taken a backseat to my bread obsession.