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Pizza Vending Machine in Europe has Chefs Pissed Off

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Pizza Vending Machine in Europe has Chefs Pissed Off;_ylt=Asqsl09dusU70FKoEfYYxj7tiBIF

Someone made a pizza vending machine that is working in Europe.  I'm sure it's about the quality of a frozen or cheap chain pizza, traditional chefs of course express their outrage at the lack of traditional method, but you gotta admit a fresh pizza vending machine just sounds so incredibly cool.  Wish I'd had one in the dorm back in college.

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Sigh.  Never mind the quality of the pizza, what about the quality of the language? 

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It's probably loses something in the translation.

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sheffield (not verified)

Agree with Paddy!

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I think you could have chosen a better word to describe how "upset" they were....this is a board where we try and keep it clean...