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bakeries in Cheyenne and Denver

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bakeries in Cheyenne and Denver

Hi everyone.  I am going to be visiting family in Cheyenne and then Denver during the next 9 days and would love some suggestions of bakeries to visit.  Most of the people in my family are "foodie" types and have lots of plans in the works for places to go for dinner, but not bakeries or pastry shops.  Any help would be appreiciated!  Thanks.


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Hi Summer,

You'd have better luck visiting Bakeries/Pastry shops in and around Denver.  Just google--Bakeries, Denver, CO--then, it's a matter of choosing which one.

Cheyenne doesn't have a whole lot in the way of Bakery/Pastry shops. I live in Colorado now, but grew up in Cheyenne, and go back, every now and then.  In fact, some family friends had a wedding last fall.  They had the wedding cake baked by a bakery shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. 


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That's kind of what my sister, who lives in Cheyenne, implied.  Oh well, you're right, there's always Denver!  Thanks.


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Denver's not really famous for it's baked goods, but one reliable spot is the Denver Bread Company in NW Denver (3200 Irving St - just take Speer Blvd west until it intersects/terminates with Irving just past Federal).  Check them out at - they're mostly known as a provider of bread to many restaurants in Denver.


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Phil - thanks.  I'll check it out.


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I am looking for a Denver area bakery that sell pretzel rolls and buns.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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Elainem - did you ever have any luck finding a place for pretzel rolls in Denver?  I need them for a recipe I want to make for a dinner party. 

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Flourgirl posted a link to her blog for TFLers..


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Unfortunately since I haven't spent a lot of time in Denver I have barely scratched the surface when it comes to restaurants.  I can suggest a wonderful French bakery, however:

Trompeau Bakery at 1729 E Evans Ave

I'm pretty sure that they don't serve pretzel rolls but everything that I had there was amazing, especially the mini eggplant quiche.


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Trompeau Bakery is very good and the Bonjour Bakery  on County Line and Holly on the northwest corner of that intersection is good.  They provide product  to a lot of the country clubs and restaurants. It is in the strip center on the northside of the King Soopers parking lot.

If you are into spices do try out the Savory Spice shop...several locations.  An independent spice shop with an enormous variety of spices and spice blends.  The owners will have a show on the Food Network starting at the end of April.  The stores are a cook's candy many choices.

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need to bake

would like to know the foodie destinations in greater denver area. my daughter just moved and we are exploring the environs. thanks