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anis baguettes again

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anis baguettes again

hi all

i can't seem to escape this topic. oh well, hopefully you will bear with me and help me with a question i have. a while  back i came across a post about anis's baguettes on this site  but now i can't seem to find it. it was really good, explained the whole process, step-by-step pics. and even had a video. i would love to find this post again i remember the pic showing scoring was really clear.

does anyone know what im talking about and can maybe post a link. thanks heaps!

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I believe this post is the one you're talking about?  Oops, maybe not.  I just realized you said something about scoring, so maybe that's David's post.


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lol no its not but thanks. i already have that one in my favorites.  the one im talking about maybe referred to anis & jane? not sure im relying on a very bad memory here.

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But if not, try searching on "Anis Bouabsa" or "baguette quest."

I wrote out a more detailed description of the method in one of my blog entries for "pain de campagne." The formula was amended by adding some SD starter and some rye flour, but the mixing, fermentation, and other procedures are the same as for the original baguette recipe. Here's the link to that entry:

I hope this helps.


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no not the one i was after but thanks your input and if you do remember anything else please let me know.

thanks again everyone.

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You know, I have never been able to get this recipe to work for me. I've tried it several times, and each time my baguettes turn out like stale, pale bread sticks. Last time, I swore that I would never bother with them again, but seeing as how everyone else has enjoyed nearly universal success, I just have to give them another shot.

Didn't someone once define insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same results? I just can't let go of these baguettes. I feel a little like Don Quixote, or maybe Jude Fawley...



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same here, w ith me though its my scoring, today i finally got 'la gringe' lol. still not perfect but a first for me. it wasn't anis's though i'll definately be going back to that soon. i thought i'd practice on something a little less wet.