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Use of Gaggeneau Steam oven for baking bread

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Use of Gaggeneau Steam oven for baking bread


I have just moved into a rented house which has a Gaggeneau Steam oven. As steam is used to create a crust when making bread, has anyone experience of using the steam feature when making bread.


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 I have only seen photos of the oven in ads!  Im looking forward to hearing more about your oven...would love to see some pics. of bread baked in it and what you think about the oven.


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I checked the maual and there were a couple of functions that might help bread etc Do you think this will be helpful? I suppose we will just have to try


Quote from manual


You have a possibility of deliberately adding more

moisture to the food you are cooking (e.g. bread,

bread rolls).

Note: Steaming is only possible at the "Hot air"

stage (0 %) or with 30% moisture (0 %).

Proceed as follows:

- Press the (Steaming / Condensing) key

(Fig. 26).

- Steaming lasts for as long as you keep the key

pressed, but no more than 8 seconds. You can

trigger steaming again by pressing the

(Steaming / Condensing) key yet again.


Quote from manual


Raising yeast dough, self-raising flour and sour

dough mixtures

- Place the bowl containing the dough on the wire


- Turn the "Temperature" knob to 30 - 40 °C and the

"Moisture content" knob to 60 %.


Quote from manual

Bread and bread rolls can be successfully baked as follows: Preheat at 220 °C and 30 % moisture. After placing them in the oven, steam once

or twice. After 5 minutes reduce to 0 % moisture and 190 °C.