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re basic french bread (again) question

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re basic french bread (again) question

thanks, so do i have this right......?


thanks everyone i think im starting to get it, so if i take the recipe for pain ordinaire from village baker, for example, (also, this is the universal recipe for french bread):

  • 6 cups flour (i'd use a mixture of both strong and plain flours, is this right?)
  • 2 1/2 cups water
  • 1 Tbsp salt
  • 2 pks active dry yeast (i'd use 1 Tbsp instant)


mix the flour + water. rest 20-30mins.

mix in everything else ~ 4-5 mins.

rest first proof: either overnight or (he says 1 1/2 - 2hrs til doubled)

okay at this point do i do any stretch and folds? ( does it depend on the dough whether slack/stiff?)

ortiz says to punch it back and let rise again 30 -45mins. (so maybe i should do one stretch and fold towards end of first proof instead of this step, is this correct?)

he then divides dough in half and one of the halves in half again so recipe makes two baguettes one boule.

he then shapes each piece into tight balls. rest 15 mins. (is this the pre shape? should i preshape the baguettes differently to the boule?)

okay, loaves are then shaped, left to rise ~45mins - 1hr till doubled, scored and baked in preheated 450degreesF oven,  (i think thats 230 C), 20 - 25 mins for baguettes and 40 - 45 mins for the boule (till golden brown and hollow sounding).

okay, ive tried to sum up the process. is my understanding correct? i guess this is typical for french bread recipes?

does anyone have anything to add, or correct any mistakes ive made in the recipe.

thanks heaps!


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