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sweet buns

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sweet buns


 my sweet buns.. qahtan

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cake diva

Are those raisins in there?

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These look a bit like traditional hot cross buns (without the crosses)...a recipe I am currently trawling for.  (anyone have a good traditional british hot cross bun recipe?)

These look stunning! What recipe did you use?



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Floyd posted a recipe we use every year for the buns here:

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Can I use the starter before the 10 days are completed, mine looks very healthy and smells wonderful.

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hi just wanted to say thanks. i wanted to make some bread with dried fruit in it for the kids. i made floyd's recipe from the link above but doubled the recipe it was a huge hit! the buns were the sweetest and lightest i'd ever made, they looked so professional people kept asking if they were really home made.

i tried to pipe icing but it was a big disaster so i just drizzled icing over with a spoon. beautiful recipe.