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tiger bread?

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tiger bread?

hi all not sure if thats the name for the bread, but im talking about those breads with the gorgeous pattern on top i don't think they're slashed can't remember. anyway if someone can fill me in plz? appreciate it? has anyone made this? any pics. techniques, recipes? thanks heaps! really curious about this bread!

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Is this what you're looking for? (aka Dutch Crunch)

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thank you yes that is exactly what im talking about. i had no idea that it was an actual topping. so i can just make the paste and paste it on whatever dough im making. looks amazing but i think it'd look better with out scoring.

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it is one of the kinds of bread I remember eating when (physically) growing up. The stronger the paste, the rougher the bread (the paste has no gluten and cannot keep up with the rising bread).

This is best on white bread, I think, never seen it on wheat bred. Then add butter and chocolate. No scoring is involved.

Google "tijgerbrood" with the image option on. I will make some this weekend...