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New and Confused

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New and Confused

I've only been on board here for a few weeks.  I find that my account includes a list labled "Track" for those posts I've shown some interest in.  Some of the items on the list haven't shown a post of any kind for more than four weeks and It gets a bit difficult after a while to maintain any sense of this list and I can't identify any method for clearing out the list.  When, if ever, do these fall off the list?  Can anyone tell me how to manage this never ending list of information that I'd rather not deal with on a day to day basis?

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Track shows the activity on all threads you've participated in.  You don't need to "deal" with any of it, just don't click on the tab.  I only use it when I'm trying to recall a thread I participated in in the past that I can't find otherwise.

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Hello flournwater,

To clear the list, go to My Account, Subscriptions, Pages, and uncheck whatever you don't want to follow anymore. Click Save (at the bottom).

That should do it.