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Gluten Free sourdough bread recipe

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Gluten Free sourdough bread recipe

Hi All,

A number of weeks ago I promised to share my gluten free sourdough bread recipe. It's finally ready for you. This recipe is suitable for people with a multitude of allergies, gluten, dairy, egg, soy, corn, and yeast and sensitive digestive systems. I know most of you are eating wheat and rye with delight but most people know someone who is gluten intolerant and who would love to be able to bake their own gluten free sourdough bread. I have posted 3 recipes on my blog, the actual bread recipe, the starter recipe and the booster recipe (what's a booster?) I have found in my 3 years of experimenting that for a gluten free starter to be very dependable it needs something to boost the bacteria and yeast growth. I have found a wonderful fermented drink called Water Kefir, that does the trick nicely.

Please take a look at my blog or forward the info to someone who would appreciate it.

Thanks and let me know if you have questions or comments.


PS I love all the interesting posts on this site. People's successes and failures help me to develop even more gluten free recipes.


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Thanks Sharon - I just last weekend had someone beg me to develop a gluten-free, wild yeast bread since their husband LOVES all of the Jeffrey Hamelman loaves we bake.

I'll let you know how I make out when I get a chance to work on the meantime thanks for posting your work!


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Judy, you're so welcome. I hope it works for you. Ilook forward to hearing about it. contact me if you have questions.


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thanks for sharing your comments, but you need to let people know they need to purchase the recipe on your blog / website for $25.

It appears you put a lot of time and energy developing the recipes and you should be able to earn something for your hard work, but please be up front about what your blog is when you post you are "sharing the recipe."



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Hello Beckton,

Thanks for your comment. When I posted this post the link went directly to the recipe. It's been many months since then and the link now goes to the current blog post. Thanks for speaking up so I can fix this. 

My starter recipe is also on my site. I will try and make them easier to get to.

thanks again,



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Dear Sharon,


I can't find the link you mentioned. All I see is a link to sign up for a seven day membership to your cookbook.



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Hi Penelope,

Here is the link for the three recipes:

1. the starter

2. the water kefir to boost the starter

3. my Sourdough Bread #1.