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Oven Spring . . . ? Help!

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Oven Spring . . . ? Help!

I have only been able to get a good oven spring for my sandwich loaves ONCE!(and I have made lots)  I have no idea how I did it but it was beautiful.  Best loaf I ever made.  Today I  tried preheating the oven to a higher temp and letting the bread cook for a minute or two before turning it down but that only got me a really dark top on my bread but no spring.  What am I missing? I am using just a plain ole honey wheat bread recipe.  Please help me figure this out.


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It may be that you are overproofing during the final fermentation.  Try baking it when it is about 90 percent risen.

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Steam will help keep the surface from becoming too firm too early allowing the dough to rise.  I use a ramekin of boiling water in the bottom of the oven and mist spray into the oven when the loaves go in.

Overproofing is also a likely cause as LindyD has already suggested.

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I have been known to overproof my loaves but this time I was sure not to, maybe they weren't proofed enough?  Also I am not sure how I can introduce more steam because my oven is on the small side and I have to keep the loaves on the lowest rack to prevent the tops from burning.  My oven totally sucks for making bread but my husband says we won't get a new one till this one breaks (hopefully since it is 25 yrs old it won't be long now)  If I put the steam pan ABOVE the bread would that work? 

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My oven is also quite small. You can put the steam above the rack that your bread is on, and it will still work.
When I have used steam (and I don't always do this), I put the container of boiling water on the top rack and the bread below. Always get a really crunchy crust when I do this.