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dried sourdough, any experiences?

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dried sourdough, any experiences?

I just went into a store this week and saw they had sourdough, dried, just like dried yeast. Any experiences with that? Why would you use that? Just to get some sourdough taste?

My sourdough starter is slowy improving, what just got out of the oven finally had some 'oven rise' as well. Pictures will follow on my blog.


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Dried sourdough starters are sold for the purpose of reviving them and building into a mature starter.

Did that dried starter have any information where it came from?

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thanks, I never thought of that. I will get a box (it was well over 4 dollars for less then a cup) and see where it came from. Jw.

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I have read some information on drying an existing active culture, then vacuum sealing it and storing it in your freezer.  Has anybody had any success with this?  If so, what would be the best drying method to minimize contamination?

If this process works, I was thinking that one of the benefits might be in preventing the loss of the culture's original flavor due to contamination from other yeasts.  I have seen some people mention this as being a problem.

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I have used this dried sourdough starter - Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter - it is a starter maintained by friends of Carl Griffith. These people will mail you about 1 teaspoon dried starter for the price of two stamps plus (since you live outside of the USA) a little more.

I found it to be an excellent starter. You should be prepared to wait 4-6 weeks for it to arrive.

For full information, check out their site at They do mail starter to countries outside the USA. Below is a brief quote re. this from their site...

Other Countries
Requests require 94¢ US postage* or substitute a U.S. one-dollar bill or an IRC (International Reply Coupon) for a SASE42. If you send currency, include this instruction: "Send Starter." Send your name and address and fold your instruction note around currency to reduce possibility of pilferage. (The currency option is recommended for Canada and other places in the world where U.S. dollar bills are not unusual.) Otherwise, non-domestic requesters should contact a volunteer. (You might want to do that before you pay an unreasonable price for an IRC.) Any currency sent without an instruction will be treated as a donation.