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Laurel's Kitchen Bread book Recipe?

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Laurel's Kitchen Bread book Recipe?

Has anyone used the recipe for whole wheat sourdough from the Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book?  I am a first time sourdougher and thought I would try this one first because it looked fairly simple, but my loaves would not rise! I had to let them rise 2 to 3 times the usual time to get them to the proper "spongy" stage where they are ready to be deflated.   In the end, my loaves were thick, heavy, and almost unpleasantly sour (I thought this last part might be attributed to the high concentration of bread-per-bite since the loaves did not rise well).  Help! do you think my start is bad? I can't tell because the making of it is so different from other tutorials I've seen, but I honestly wouldn't know the difference anyway. :)

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Hi Mylissa20,

your starter must be bubble.If your starter is too sour take about half of the starter and try to feed for about three times per day about three days.When do you make the dough let is rest about from 12-36 hours and then that will be first rise.Then you shape the loaf and let it rise about 5 hours and bake it.Depend on the temperature your room.Colder room longer you must wait.More then two times you bread will rise more dense will be.Remember, one cup of the starter is one pack of yeast or 1/4 ounce.