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Hello from Potomac Falls, VA

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Hello from Potomac Falls, VA

Hi All,

After being spoiled by living near Zingermans (Ann Arbor, MI) for a few years and eating their amazing bread every day, it's very hard to find real bread in the Northern Virginia area (Balducci's isn't the same).

A colleague's partner shared some of their sourdough starter with me last week so I decided to take the plunge and try making some bread (it's resting in the fridge right now as I type).  The crazy thing is I've had some great books for a while (BBA, La Brea..) but never got around to doing it so wish me luck!


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Welcome to TFL, Abdul.  At least your weather is better in VA than it is in MI - and so is the seafood.

Zings is about 270 miles south of me - maybe someday I'll have a reason to drive down and visit.

Best of luck with that sourdough!



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Z's runs these bakehouse tours every week that are great, you get to see how they bake, take a turn at it yourself, and go home with bags of bread to share.  Try to sign up in advance if you make the trip down.  And yes, the weather does rock here (in the 70s this weekend ;)

As for the sourdough, I either let it proof too long or not long enough because it isn't rising much...