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The recycle loaf

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Mini Oven

The recycle loaf

Well someone has gone and done it, given me half a loaf I can't eat but too good to give away. I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth so I'm off to bake a recycle loaf. It is an Austrian Rye (at least 70% rye) loaf rather flat, dense, lots of molasses flavor and way too much salt. The only way to enjoy eating it is to delute it. It is the only rye within a 100 mile radius, I'm sure, with the exception to the other loaf half. Will report back later.... All comments welcome. :) Mini Oven

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Mini Oven

What I did first was to take my salty rye bread and cut off all the beautiful crust and cut it up into small pieces. Since the loaf is moist, I added about two tablespoons of flour (part of the total) into the milling jar and crumbled it. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Then cut the soft middle into cubes added a little flour, enough so it would crumb and not gum.
Put all the crumbs into a large bowl and added milk, yeast, eggs, spice, sugar and (holding off on the salt till after I've tasted it) rest of the white flour and beat everything together about 5 minutes, beated in more white flour and let stand one hour.
I tasted the dough for salt, spit out the dough (please excuse me don't want to burp yeast all afternoon) and added salt. Then I kneaded a very wet and sticky dough (suggest stirring in 100 gm flour right away and then knead the rest of the flour) to make a loaf of 1500 gm or 1.5 kilos.
Turned in an oiled bowl and allowed to double. Divided and shaped into two loaves, let rise ( in a form if you have low gluten flour), and baked 30-35 minutes untill done or sounded hollow when tapped on it's bottom. Cool on a rack.

Recycle Loaf:

350 gm moist rye loaf crumbs
470 gm 3.6% whole milk warm
3 teaspoons (1 Tbs) instant dry yeast
2 eggs or 115 gm
1-2 Tablespoons mixed bread spice (coriander, fennel, caraway)
1/2 teaspoon bread improver (optional)
1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons salt (I used 1/2 tsp)
1 Tablespoon honey
310 gm white wheat flour
250 gm white wheat flour to knead

If you have normal flour, you can eliminate the eggs and improver, substitute milk or water instead.

:) Mini Oven

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Mini Oven

The loaves turned out so well that if I rant and rave loud enough, I might just get the other half to recycle. Good thing I wrote down what I did. I'm sitting here with my warm buttered rye and it's soooo good! :P Mini Oven