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What Percentage of Dried Onions in Onion Rye Breads??

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What Percentage of Dried Onions in Onion Rye Breads??

The following question is directed towards those forum members making onion rye breads.."What percentage of re-hydrated minced dried yellow onions are you using compared to the total amount of flour in your rye bread recipes??"..I am trying to come up with a N.Y. Delicatessan-style seeded onion rye bread that I can bake in a Pullman pan so the crust is not too tough for my mother to chew with dentures..Below is the recipe I first created last week..Great deli rye flavor, but little onion taste..I made the mistake (??) of not using the water used to soak the dried onions in the recipe, for fear that it might bake out with too strong of an onion taste..My second question is, "Would the recipe have tasted OK if I had included the soak water; or do I need a greater amount of dried onions for this recipe??"..The recipe I created follows..

Pain de Mie N.Y. Delicatessan-style Seeded Onion Rye Bread


545g (19.21 oz.) water, 100F

250g (7.58 oz.) coarse rye flour

120g (5.46 oz.) bread flour

15g (0.53 oz.) organic granulated cane sugar

1 3/8 teaspoon (0.15125 oz.) SAF Gold instant yeast

Final Dough:

Contents of sponge

35g (1.23 oz.) dried, minced yellow onions (1/4 cup)--soaked in 70F tap water for 30 minutes, absorbing...

87g (3.07 oz.) water

595g (1 lb. 4.97 oz.)(20.97 oz.) bread flour

16g (0.56 oz.) fine sea salt

25g (0.88 oz.) caraway seeds


Thanks for any advice in helping me to troubleshoot this recipe!!..




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Edit: I think 1 ounce of dried onions is equal to about 8 ounces of fresh onion and that is a goodly amount for a single loaf. I've made a number of breads with dried onions and have not found it necessary to rehydrate them. I just include them in the final dough. --Pamela

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30 minutes is not enough time

use at least 4 X the amount of water to onions and let them sit over night the amount that will be there in the morning will amaze you and the water will the best flavor ever. i have told many people here that the pro bakers trick is to never wast anything even if we are making plain rye we save the water for things like onion rolls and sometimes use it in the sour stater to increass tha acidity for a more tart taste