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Lower soduim bread

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Lower soduim bread

My fiance is trying to reduce his sodium intake (he was averaging 4k mg per day).  How much can I reduce the salt in a recipe without problems.  Does anyone have a low salt bread recipe?

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When you want to reduce your sodium intake, it is a good thing to take time to re-educate your palate to enjoy the lower salt level. It's not difficult but takes persistence. He will know he did this when food with regualr salt levels feel unpleasantly, burning on his lips.

Start by reducing the salt in bread by half-learn to enjoy it and then reduce again, if you want. Bread can be baked without salt but it will taste very pasty.

Simply removing the salt shaker from the table provides a HUGE reduction in sodium intake.

If he must salt his food, put a few grains of salt on each forkful, right at the tip so it immediately hits his palate. This will not help in re-educating his taste for lower salt but can be used when there is a craving.


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I have been on a low sodium diet for many years now and it amazed me to find that with the elimination of table salt and other considerations I was still consuming 2,800 mg of sodium per day. I now make my bread withour salt and make my own peanutbutter without salt.  Friends, neighbors, and family have received both and request more.  Recipes follow:

Peanut Butter

  16 oz jar of dry roasted peanuts without salt

  1 tbs dark molasses

   Dump peanuts into a heavy duty blender (I burned out my first blender and now use attachment for my Bosch Universal) add molasses and blend for 5-6 minutes until semi liquified.  Pour into jar and chill.  It is well blended and delicious.

Honey Wheat Bread

  3 tbs Butter without salt

  184 gm Honey

  244 gm Bread Flour

  444 gm Fresh ground Whole Wheat Flour

  92 gm Skim Milk

  40 gm Vital Wheat Gluten

  14 gm active dry Yeast

  403 gm Water

   Warm the water, honey, milk, and butter in microwave to 100-110 degrees.  Pour into Bosch mixer with dough hook and add bread flour, vital wheat gluten, and yeast.  Pulse to mix.  Turn mixer to #1 (low) and add half of whole wheat flour.  Continue mixing while adding one scoop of whole wheat flour at a time until dough clears sides of bowl. (Use additional flour if needed).

   When dough clears bottom of bowl move mixer speed to #3 (fast) and knead for 6-8 minutes.  Oil hands and check dough for stretch.  (I don't use "window pane" with fresh ground wheat).

   Roll out dough onto oiled work surface, knead to get the feel and shape to put into an oiled bowl for first rise.  Cover and rise until doubled, about one hour.  Punch down, separate into three pieces, shape and place into oiled pans.  Let rise until doubled in pan, about 45 minutes.

   Bake at 375 for about 25 minutes.  Cool thoroughly on rack before slicing.



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Have you ever try it? You can find a recipe for it in The Bread Baker's Apprentice, on the internet (like on wildyeastblog).