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For my fellow Hamelman fans

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For my fellow Hamelman fans

I came across a delightful and insightful radio interview of Jeffrey Hamelman on NPR.

While the interview took place in 2004, I found his background and passion for his work fascinating.  Little wonder he authored such an excellent book.

He also shared his experiences at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, and I love his comment that America makes the best bread in the world - and the worst.

Great stuff.  Enjoy!

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Thanks for the link.  I enjoyed the interview greatly.  I respect Hamelman as a professional, that I can now see flows through to the real person.

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Count me as a Hamelman fan. The more I work from his formulas, the less I work from others. Clearly his main interest is baking, and the bit about America making the best bread in the world resonates with me. Italians, French and Germans make great bread, and so do we, and so do others. It's all good.

There is still a great deal of exploratory work to be done with ingredients and techniques that are evolving in this young culture, and Hamelman is one of the best cheerleaders for that approach. I also love that in his book, there is only one photograph of him. Inside the back cover, where such things belong, and hard at work. :)

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Hi all,

I also inteviewed Jeffrey on my site, have a listen,


Happy baking!

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Thanks for sharing that interview, Jeremy.  I've just spent the last 30 minutes listening to it and enjoyed it very much.  You asked some good questions.  Was it done over the phone?

I think Jeff Hamelman is not only a superb baker and teacher, but a philosopher and poet as well.  But foremost a baker.  His comments about working with obscurity and being a baker who wrote a book say a lot about the man.

BTW, your site is very interesting, you bake some very nice breads, and I'm going to have to set aside a few hours to listen to more interviews and do lots more reading there.

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Thanks Lindy,

Yes the interview was done over the phone.This blog is my way of escaping the tedium of my work as a chef, actually to keep my sanity intact!

I first met Jeffrey after I had bought his book at a BBGA event in Queens, NY where I live, he talked to me a bit and signed the copy of my book. When I had enough courage I e-mailed him reminding him of our meeting and he re-called my lurking all that evening just to say hello and kindly said yes to my invitation. Later on I went and took a class with him at King Arthur, which was really fun and great watching and learning experience even though I had already taken a bread course at FCI. You never stiop learning!

Come back and listen, and please leave comments and suggestions? I especially like the Dan Leader interview, though it was cut off by someone coming to talk to Dan while we were recording, and you hear a lot of noises, it's still a great conversation.

I am currently producing another interview with Michel Suas of SFBI...coming soon.