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baker's percentage and scoring query

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baker's percentage and scoring query

hi this may sound all over the place but only because there is so much on this site thats new to me. especially the technical stuff and the math and science behind it all. i've made many breads over the years but usually by just following some recipe (ignoring the technical parts) or improvising.

after stumbling upon this site. however, i now find myself really  interested in EVERYTHING to do with bread. i am currently reading (studying) the handbook but would appreciate any simple explanations(baby language) of the technical stuff eg. bread formula especially, i'd love to know how i can make up my own recipes

ALSO: im still having trouble with my scoring (my dough's are always on the sticky side) trying to achieve that lovely spreading.

thanks heaps for any feedback!!!!!

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Welcome to TFL.

For scoring, visit David Snyder's excellent tutorial

Wild Yeast's blog has a wonderful tutorial on the baker's percentage

For other questions, if you use TLF's search function you'll find enough reading to keep you engrossed for months!

Reading a couple of good bread baking books will also be helpful.  Peter Reinhart's "Bread Baker's Apprentice" is a great introduction to artisan breads.  Or check out the handbook tab at the top of the page.

Happy reading and baking....

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hi just wanted to say thanks heaps. i just had a look at the baker's percentage tutorial on its perfect!!! thanks again