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Request for bread recpie that include red wine

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Request for bread recpie that include red wine

the wine made from cabernet sauvignon species.

Thanks a lot.

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I understand that Richard Bertinet uses 'Cabernet Grape Flour' in some of the recipes in his book - but in terms of actual wine, you might want to try this recipe (adaptation of a Dan Lepard recipe courtesy of Susan @ Wild Yeast)


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There is a recipe in the Secrets of a French Baker by Peter Mayle, one for red wine and one for white.

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Bertinet's recipe uses a small amount of red wine in addition to the grape flour.  If anyone wants this recipe, let me know.  I've made it twice because it didn't come out so well the first time.  The second time was great, and it goes very well with sliced cheese (naturally).

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I have Bertinet's book and I really don't know where I can I get this kind of grape flour?