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What am I doing wrong?

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What am I doing wrong?

Hi, I have been watching TFL now for a while and have been successfully baking bread for about a year. My crumb is good and taste is great but I fail to get a good bloom. Any tips? Thanks.

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If you can give some information about the recipe, your process, temperatures, anything else, someone may be able to give you a useful response.


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Well, it seems to be with all the recipes I use. I have been baking quite a bit of sourdough bread using a KAF basic recipe, I use half white and half wheat flour. I Have also been using Reinhardt's  Whole Grain Bread book. Oh, and I have also been  tinkering with the overnight no knead sourdough. I live in northern New Mexico so it is very dry here, and tends to be warm during the day and cooler at night in the house. Could it be that I need to check out the scoring tutorial again? On my last batch it did seem as though I had a bit of a blowout around the bottom. Thanks for any tips.


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Hi, Maggie.

As Paul suggested, it would help us advise you if you would post the recipe you want help with. Posting a photo of a bread you have baked with what you feel is insufficient bloom would help too.

The problem could be with how you develop the gluten, how you shape, how you bulk ferment, how you proof or how you bake. Any of these or a combination may need tweaking. They all can impact bloom as much as scoring.