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JMonkey's Choco/cherry Bread...absolutely wonderful

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JMonkey's Choco/cherry Bread...absolutely wonderful

Recipe here.

My starter , thanks to Sourdough 101, has been a great success. I had a 5# bag of the cherries from my son  and made the formula last night and completed it this AM. WOW ! Perfect inst. and perfect outcome. I baked it in my Le Creuset pot a la Sullivan Bread ,which is exactly like baking on a stone w/ cloche . The crust and crumb are perfect. I will definitely make this more often. The only thing I would change is not to score the loaf as I had perfect coverage of all filling ingred. till I scored. Other than that no changes.

rising in cloth lined basket:


turned out ready for scoring:

 Photobucket just removed lid after 30 min at 500: Photobucket cooling: Photobucket voila ! : Photobucket

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Hey Trailrunner, you've been keeping your starter busy these days...that looks great! I've wanted to try JMonkey's recipe for a long time as well, maybe soon. My husband loves a good pain au chocolate and this would be something similar. Baking it in the Dutch Oven seems like the way to go...