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Hello Everyone, want to introduce myself

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Hello Everyone, want to introduce myself

Hi, my name is Diane. I live in Missouri and discovered this website, it's wonderful!! Hope to get new ideas about breadmaking and make new friends...

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Welcome Allysnina,

Glad to see another member from the heartland. You are among a friendly group. There are lots of folks from all around the world that will be happy to help in what ever way they can. Usually people find us when looking for something specific and stay because of the wealth of knowledge found here. Much more than just a recipe site. We love to bake good bread.

I look forward to seeing your posts and hearing from you.


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Go Mizzou!!

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Debra Wink

Greetings fellow Missourians :-)

Living in the heart of Tiger Country, and being a Mizzou alumna, this one jumped out at me ;-)

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I have a really good pizza crust recipe that I love, however I am always searching for better ones....does anyone have an outstanding crust recipe that they would like to share????