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I use instant dry yeast Block form you get at sams club. I keep the bulk in the freezer and keep about a half a cup in the fridge. This is what i use to make bread. I usually pull it and use it right away but fail to get a good oven spring. My dough usually doubles when in its first and second rise but never springs in the oven. I know i dont need to mix it with liquid like the other kinds of yeasts. I just throw this stuff in the flour and mix all ingredients together.HELP!!!

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I'm really sold on the SAF red instant yeast. I order it from King Arthur, and get great results with it.

I haven't had as good a luck with the Red Star stuff that I used to buy at Costco.


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I use the same instant yeast from sams, Fleischmann's I think, and never had a problem with oven spring, or dough not rising.  Could be that particular bag.  Just get new one, they are what $4 for 2?

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Maybe you are proffing to long? if you get double on the second rise you should not get any oven spring.. shooting for 85% rise ensures oven spring!

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I use the same yeast from Sam's Club, and I use the yeast straight from the freezer with no problem.  I usually use time for my proofing, 2 hours for the first rise and 1 hour for the second rise.

Like someone else said, toss the first batch of yeast, it may be a bad or old batch.

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If you are getting 2 good rises then your yeast sounds OK. I'm not sure how long they are taking or the temperature.

I'm no expert but it sounds like the yeast is probably running out of oxygen, when that happens it will change gears and start making alcohol till it dies from the heat.