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My first miche...I finally downloaded a photo! ! !

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My first miche...I finally downloaded a photo! ! !

Thought I'd try to download a photo of my first miche......

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I would give a photo of a  slice of crumb, but it's late, and I have to go to bed, and the miche just came from the oven.  The miche  wil go to work tomorrow for our everyday sandwiches and toast....with some chocolate chip cookies for Valentine's cheer......

This is  a smaller miche....a good 3#....

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Nice, I was just thinking about getting started on a Miche and  this was the nudge I needed.

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It will be even better if you wait until tomorrow to cut it open!


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Nice!  That looks wonderful.

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If I may ask, what are the qualities and or characteristics of miche bread?


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I wish I could tell you the qualities or characteristics of miche is the name of the recipe....."Poilane-Style Miche".  This particular recipe is a "wild-yeast/or sour dough" bread, and it is 100% whole wheat flour.....but I don't know enough to know if this is characteristic of "miche"?????

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A miche is a very large boule. That's all. At what size a boule becomes a miche is not known to me, but a 2 lb round loaf would still be a boule, and a boule weighing over 4 lbs would definitely be a miche.

Miche is French slang for butt cheek, BTW.


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As an additional tidbit of info, I'm not sure if this is the universal definition, but according to my husband and his family (who are from France) they consider a miche to also be a very large rustic sourdough bread that also has a high percentage of whole wheat flour in it, or is made with a less refined flour like high extraction flour. Its very large size with low crust to crumb ratio means it will also keep better, which was important back in the day when country people made bread only about once per week max. That may be a more narrow definition of "miche" than others use, however.