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Greetings from California

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Greetings from California

I am one of those who has been baking bread for a long time; failing to achieve my goal nearly every time.  I've read books on bread making that cover the full range from using a good processor (exclusively) to spoon bread ... seems I can't do anyting right.  My only success of any attempts I've made have been with Naan and no knead bread recipes.  But I won't give up and I'm hoping I can find the secret to how so many of you confidently work with water and flour and a few other ingredients to produce a wonderful loaf of bread.

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Welcome from another Californian!  Are you North or South?

This is a wonderful place to learn - friendly helpful people.  Are you interested in a particular type of bread?  You are sure to find info on just about all kinds here.

Have fun,



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Hello and welcome!

Sylvia in San Diego

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Greetings from the Mojave : )

I'm new here, too.  Wonderful people, like Marni said.  It's one of the best places to ever be new at something.  People are so kind and helpful.

What kind of bread do you most want to make?  Sandwich, artisan or something else?  Can you describe what you're trying to do and how you're going about it?  Maybe there's something in the recipe or process that just needs a nudge here or there.

Naan bread is to die for!  Do you like your recipe?

- Jennifer : )


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im from sebastopol, gotta love california! many of the best of everything here. cant wait til the farmers markets coming this spring! lots of great bakeries to visit.