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Multigrain Sour

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Multigrain Sour

Hello again


This is a bread which I had made once before(with minimal success) a long time ago when I was still a relative sourdough beginner, and I thought I would try it again to see if my new techniques learned here, and the countless hours pouring over my bread book library would produce better results. The formula is courtesy of a site I visit from time to time to watch their great videos. I followed the formula exactly except as noted in italics below. I also changed the mixing, and fermenting schedule to better fit my personal schedule.


  • 200 grams water
  • 120 grams ripe sourdough starter (100% Hydration)
  • 236 grams white whole wheat flour (the original recipe only called for whole wheat flour)

Final Dough

  • 274 grams warm water(I felt the dough was too dry and added approx. 2-3 additional Tbsp)
  • 85 grams whole rye flour
  • 250 grams AP flour(the original recipe called for bread flour)
  • 170 grams whole spelt flour
  • all of biga
  • 13 grams salt


1.) The night before the mix make up the biga and allow to ferment at room temp. for 5 hours or until visible activity is observed. Then refrigerate for up to 24 hours or until ready to use.

2.) The next day take the biga out of the fridge and cut into small pieces, then place all ingredients except the salt into the bowl of a mixer and mix for 2 minutes to fully integrate all of the ingredients.

3.) Autolyse for 20-30 minutes.

4.) Sprinkle the salt on top of the dough, and mix for 3-4 minutes on medium speed until moderate gluten develpment.

5.) Ferment 3 hours with folds spaced evenly throughout.

6.) Portion dough into desired size and lightly round, allow to bench rest 20-30 minutes.

7.) Shape as desired and immedietly place into fridge overnight.

8.) Preheat oven with stone and steaming vessel to 450degF.

9.) Take dough straight from refrigerator, slash and load into oven. Steam as desired. Bake until bread shows rich color, and internal temperature is at least 205degF.


Anyways I think my results were much better then my first attempt(sorry no photos), and if you want to see the recipe in it's unedited format you can see it at



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Nice loaf!  I like your slashes - so... did you like the taste?


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I tend to love the flavor of whole grain breads, and this one doesn't dissapoint. It is fairly sour with a very "wheaty" finish. I just ate a slice, plain, and untoasted, and the crust is still crisp, and the crumb is very moist.

Thinking about it today I feel that the dough could even be a little more hydrated, as all of those whole grains love to suck up the water. I think next time just to try it I will up the hydration 5-10% and see if that effects the eating quality at all.


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Nice.  That looks great.

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Kevin, thank you for reminding me about Eric's multigrain sourdough. I made it some time ago and thought it was great and have been thinking about baking it again. I made one boule but I like your idea of two batards. I will check your changes against my recipe, and thanks for the "nudge", A.