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breads with out recipe

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breads with out recipe

this is some of the bread I have made with my own recipes. ;-)))))

I start out with my basic recipe and vary from there.....

 my desem is on the other post....  I enjoy baking. qahtan

 Some of my breads,,,, Brown and white in same pan 000_0005-3.jpg image by qahtan Whole wheat 100_0895-1.jpg image by qahtan

Cheese Picture032-1.jpg image by qahtan currant buns e88d9811.jpg image by qahtan Guinness and walnut GlorysGuinessandWalnutsBread.jpg G and W image by qahtan             

Pullman pullman.jpg picture by qahtan  W/W rolls and loaf Wholewheatbread.jpg image by qahtan  

sourdough baked in cloche sourdough.jpg image by qahtan

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Love the Pullman Loaf.

On devising your own, it's really easy to do once you understand what's going on with hydration ratios and techniques to get a certain bread type. And it's great fun. Cheers to you for tryng new things.

All of your loaves look great.

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Those currant buns look wonderful!  Any chance of a recipe?

As a child we lived near a bakery which made currant buns, among other things, and I used to follow the smell there and buy a penny bun to eat on the way to school. They looked just like yours. Pat.