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my first loaf ... 100%

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my first loaf ... 100%

hi ...i'm here because... i'm just in the beginning

this is my first loaf

 i try it from the lesson one

 is it nice ...???







 befor i try to bake the rosca de reyes  

 see that;s full of dates... yammy




hello again

this  is my second bread

  the recipe from lesson two

 see that

 i  found it better and more delicious than the first one

  and you what your advice to me ???????





 this is my daily bread

 and that is for to  day i made it by my own  sourdough



 i'm very happy

 because the sourdough finally become good

 it was so difficult


 i do it





 hello again


 here is my favorite daily bread by my  starter >>>>>>>




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Congratulations on your first loaf! Very nice job and I bet it tastes great.

The rosca de reyes looks interesting also. Is that a sweet breakfast treat?


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Hi  Eric

At first ..thanx 

 the rosca de reyes.. sweety and tasty

with  this colorful cupes of orange ( made by alyaman  ) :)

 it's really  very yammyyy .

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Karen Coe

Congratulations, Alayaman - you've inspired me to get baking!

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your words really nice :)

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Your breads look beautiful!  I think I need to try doing something like that!

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Congratulations alyaman.  This looks like beautiful delicious bread!  What is it?  What are the fruits? I would like to try something like this. Is it a sweet holiday bread?

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thank u ELLEN  for your visit  to my page ...

rosca de reyes

actually ... its very delicious holiday  bread...its full of fruits and orange  zes

u can visit this link

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Random 83

Your baked goods look very good.  I am a novice and would like to know where I can find the lessons you mention.

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hi Random

 this link will help you

 itS soo good.. and useful

 try it and let see what you will do :)

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Random 83

Hello Alayaman:

Thank you for providing the source of lessons.  Your baking is a true inspiration. 

I am licking my wounds after my second bread-baking attempt in which I made a stupid mistake.  In the end, the bread was edible and tasty.  But having added an extra cup of water (25% too much) handling the dough was challenging and all the following steps in its completion were improvised.   



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okay..... Random

 go ahead ... and let the bake be your patient..

 it's soo good  work in the life