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Bosch Compact Kitchen Machine

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Bosch Compact Kitchen Machine

There is currently a Bosch Compact Kitchen Machine 400 watt on clearance on HSN.  The reviews for making a couple of loaves of bread are quite good.  Several accessories are also included with this unit, the blender, food processor, and salad shooter. 

I wondered if someone uses one of these for bread mixing and other things and how you feel about it, since I ordered a couple for gifts.  There are only 25 left if any one is interested.  Terry

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Sounds like a great deal!  I use a Bosch Universal with 700 watts and get excellent bread - 6 loaves at a time.  Their newest unit has 800 watts.

There's a free recipe for a single batch of raspberry pastry dough using a Bosch kitchen machine at this site: whole wheat bread

Your friends are getting a great gift!

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I have a Bosch Concept 700W model. The dough hook doesn't get as much use as the whisks, but that's because I prefer to knead by hand, for the amounts I make.

It's a good solid workhorse that is several years old now, and I haven't regretted buying it. The model isn't so well known in the UK as some other brands, I'm not sure why.

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The 700 surely has more umph than this 400 watt one.  I just hope it meets the needs of a small young family.  I got them for my daughters and DIL and one for a family member's wedding gift.  Trying to get birthdays taken care of.  Thanks for the vote of confidence on them, though.  Terry

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Bought one of these about a year ago.  Absolutely love it.  I mainly use it for mixing bread dough.  It handles stiff doughs like bagels and whole grain breads with no problem.  It easily handles the typical formulas called for in all the books scaled for the home baker--i.e. two large or three medium loaves.  The blender works great too.  I've only used the shredder a couple of times, but that also works well.


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I have both the compact and the full size mixers. I use the compact when I just do a few loafs of bread at a time. Works out great.Never strains or gets hot.