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photo posting puzzle

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photo posting puzzle

I had thought I might post a photo or two, but am too stupid to figure out how to do it. The images are on my hard drive.

I read the FAQ section, but am still bemused. I click on the little tree, then on the folders icon to the right of the URL box, which opens up another window that I don't understand. The FAQ says "This will let you store the photo on Fresh Loaf's server. Select the image to include it." 

Sadly I'm too dense to understand what that means. I tried drag and drop, but that didn't seem to help.

If the image I want to put in my post is on my desktop, and that second window is open, what do I do next?

I'm running a mac.




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Mini Oven

Ran into it again last night.  Have loaded two photos from my dest top. 

Lets see.... After clicking on the "tree image," Click on the image at the end of the "Image URL" line which with take you to another box, click on "upload"  where you can browse your desktop and upload the picture.   Later, click on "Send to editor" after it tells you the file is down/up-loaded.   Then keep going with placement details.   I did find a problem adding script below a photo so I suggest typing everything first, add spaces and lines, move the curser to where the photo should appear, and then upload the photo.  That has worked so far.... Don't forget to "apple C" to save your text while working and check the preview to see what's happening as you play.

I haven't tried checking the "thumbnail" box, maybe that would make editing easier.  Good Luck!

Mini O

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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Lemme check

Worked...Here's what I did to upload the happy frogs:
1) Click the Insert/edit image button above.
2) Click the Browse button in the dialog window that opens. (To the right of "Image URL")
3) When a new dialog window opens click the Upload link at the top. (Above "File name")
4) When the (now visible) File editbox shows click the Browse button and locate your image.
5) Once you have located and selected your image it will show in the "File" editbox.
6) Now click the Upload button.
7) Make sure the image is now selected in the "File name" area and click the "Send to Editor" link at the top.
8) You are now back at the first Dialog window and can add details or just click the Insert button.

Froggy test

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Thanks to all. I think I got it now.

Had some trouble resizing the image small enough, but finally made it

thanks again