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Hello from new member

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Hello from new member

Hello everyone. I stumbled across this site while searching for recipes for artisan breads. This site is awesome and I am looking forward to spending a lot of time here. I am an avid baker and recently have started a small business selling breads and other baked goods. I have never made sourdough or artisan breads except for a dark rye bread. We grow our own organic grains and I grind them in my stonemill which produces wonderful flour. Anyway, I am anxious to learn new techniques and will see if I can find a simple artisan bread recipe to start out with. See you on the boards!

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Hello, flourgirl, and welcome.  I'm pretty new myself - to baking, too - but thought I'd say hi.

It is a great site, I agree.  There are a lot of talented bakers here, and a tremendous amount of information, including lots of recipes.  Everybody's very nice, and very generous with their time and ideas, so I'm sure you'll really enjoy it. 

Have fun checking out the various fora and threads!

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Welcome to TFL!  You will find tons of info here, as well as likeminded people.  Wow.  Growing your own grain!  Now, that's what I call hardcore.

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Thanks for the welcome! I am not really hardcore- just an organic farmer who decided to use some of what we grow. We bought a commercial stone mill and it really makes the best flour. It is great to be able to take the grains all the way from planting the seed to the final product- which is great baked goods. It just can't get any fresher!

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I think it is fantastic that you are growing your own grain. Out of curiosity hyow do you harvest. I tried it and it was a lot of work.

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We use a combine and then run the grain through a cleaner, then it is cleaned again when bagged.

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I beg to differ.  I would say that growing your own grain and milling your own flour makes you as hardcore as you can get!  Talk about ultimate control, from seed to loaf!

I would love to see some of your formulas, as I am starting to get into whole wheat breads now



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HI again,

I am new to Artisan baking which is how I ended up on this site so I don't have any of my own recipes for these types of breads- yet. I just bought a baking stone today so that is the first step to learning new techniques.

Growing our own grains and then using them in my baked goods has been really rewarding. I have also made sprouted flour from our grains and though that process is time consuming it too makes gread bread. If you would like to see more information about wheat and flours you can check it out at

I will be adding more information and flours in the near future.

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The only thing more hard core would be to make your own millstones.

I think there would be a lot if interest in your experience as a commercial miller. I did check your website, and it is informative. We'd love to see pics of your mill and farm, and to hear more detail about milling, like what steps you take in producing the different flours (sifting, recombining, aging, that kind of thing). Do you grow all 6 types of wheat (or is it 5)?

Glad to have you among us.


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Make my own grinding stones? Now that is a thought seeing we seem to grow our own rocks in the fields in the Spring! LOL!

I will have to wait to post pics of our farm/fields until this summer as right now it is all under snow. As far as the flours go- I don't do any sifting, recombining etc. The flours are 100% whole grains. I will be listing more info on the site as time allows.

Thanks for the welcome!