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Hello from SF Bay Area

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Hello from SF Bay Area

I am a bookkeeper that a few years ago had a mid-life crises.  I went to the CCA and got my baking certificate.  For two years I was a bread bakers at two separate bakeries that are no longer with us (a sad trend indeed),  and am now back to bookkeeping.  I would not have given up this time for anything, and hope to get back after the kids are out of college.

You have to really love this as a job, and I did, because man it does not pay well at all.  But I didn't mind one bit.

Still have my starter from school.  And my kids/family/friend all love what I do.  Amazing the reaction when you give people really good bread.  And naturally they all love my white bread the best, but hey at least its good white bread

My wife has a list of stuff she says I keep saying I will make, and she want me to get on with it already.  Bagels gone now, and next is Naan (although it was tough to find goats milk).

Now time to feed the starter (been with me since school).




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Welcome to TFL - you have an interesting history and given your bakery experience, I imagine you can share lots of tips and tricks here.  Looking forward to your contributions.


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Hello and welcome to TFL, kumitedad!

I agree with LindyD, your baking resume is very intriguing! Sorry to hear about the fate of the 2 bakeries. Maybe you'll start your own!

I've always wanted to make naan. Somehow the lack of a tandoor always stops me short. Show us how yours turns out!


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I have to wait on the naan until my wife gets home from her business trip.   Am using the formula in Advanced Bread and Pastry (where has this book been all my life)


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this is an awesome place for all "breadies".  I have learned a ton and look forward to your contribution to the site.

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My son is munching a hot dog right now and complimented me on the bun.  I made some mini-baguettes using a 70% formula with a short mix, and he loves it.  The rest will be sandwiches tomorrow for their school lunch. 

And just got off the phone with my wife, who is on the East Coast for a business trip.  She is bringing back a couple of 2-lb bags of White Lily Flour , so biscuits coming up next weekend.

life is good