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Testers for Reinhart

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Testers for Reinhart

I was just on Peter Reinharts blog and he has a message to all testers on there, didn't know if everyone saw it, just a FYI.

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Keep yer yap shut.

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Thank you for posting that.

I was on his test list for his previous book and I recall that it was tough to not chat about and post pictures of what you are baking for Peter.  But we all owe him the courtesy of not letting the cat out of the bag or sharing any recipes that are only half baked.

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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Talked to Peter and he said all is good, just keep an eye on these things here.
I tried to remove my photo from this Blog post but of course once someone replies to one of our posts we can not edit the post:


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Oh, I had no idea that Reinhart is working on a new book. Can anyone tell what kind of book it will be? More/less advanced than BBA? All kinds of recipes, or focus on something in particular?

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Some of you have asked me what this new book is about and all I can say at this time is that it is a consolidation of all the bread books of the artisan movement, with an attempt to bring those advanced techniques into a simple, useable system for folks who want to make great bread with less fuss and angst. So I'm going to try to cut through all the info, the various preferment methods, the fermentation issues, etc. to create easy to make breads of the highest caliber. There are some other books out there that also attempt to do this so, as always, and with your help, ours will take it one step further.

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Thanks for posting that, arzajac! I did trawl through some of Reinhart's blog posts, but that one espaced me.

Hmm. Another one of those, then? Do you folks think there still is a market for this kind of baking books? My impression is that this segment is getting pretty crowded by now...