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Any good bakery recommendations for Seattle?  I get to spend 4 days there in mid Feb.


Thanks in advance


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Here are a few suggestions:

For bread:
The Essential Baking Company - you can google them, they have several locations and sell bread at all the major grocery stores, but I hear the Cafe in the Wallingford neighborhood is good. Their main store is in the Fremont neighborhood.

Tall Grass Bakery in Ballard neighborhood

Three Girls Bakery in Pike Place Market

For Danish:
Le Panier in Pike Place Market
Larsen's Bakery in Ballard (take the Danish, leave the rest)

Also, check out any of the local Farmer's Markets, at this time of year there is not a lot of produce, but most of the bakeries have a presence.

We used to buy bread from Essential, until our favorite loaf went to $6.59 each! That's when I really started baking my own bread...

Hope this helps!

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not a bakery, but their crumpets are good. it's at pike place market as well.

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I don't know where you are going to be staying but if you are willing to get out of the downtown corridor I would highly suggest 2 places to try. The first would be the Columbia City Bakery in Columbia City. It's probably a 10-15 minute taxi ride from downtown Seattle. They are especially known for their baguettes, and their Walnut Levain.

The second place is Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle they have very good bread also, but I would say that pastries are their forte (the head baker/owner was on the American team at the Coup du Monde de la Boulangerie in 2005) Wherever you do go I hope you have a great time, and you really get a chance to enjoy our great city.



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I hear Grand Central bakery started in Seattle. They bake artisan loaves, country bread, pastries with butter. All delicious. They also sell lunch & wonderful coffee.

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I'm going to SEA in late Jan 2011 and will have jet lag that will get me up just in time to watch bakeries open.

Does anyone have recommendations for Seattle (or across the 520 - I'll be staying in Bellevue)?