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Pain au Levain...using wild yeast

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Pain au Levain...using wild yeast

I am really hooked on this wild yeast thing. My family is threatening to take away my flour ! This was my culture made into a starter that was aged 3 days in the fridge. I then made the dough...and it retarded 24 hrs. Came to room temp for 4 hrs today and then shaped and rose 1 1/2 hrs. I am really pleased. The flavor is very well develpoed. Almost nutty and not very sour at all. Which is OK with me. Very lightly salty. I aaaaallllmmmost got the slashing...I really was more aggressive. I will keep practicing.

finished pain au levain pain au levain crumb

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Very nice indeed!  I bet the family won't take your flour away if you give them a bite of these loaves!  You know what I've family doesn't threaten to take away my flour...but I pick up vibes and a little voice says..."that's enough talk about bread now!!" don't you love the expressions on their faces!! "lol".


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Yes well I am surrounded by foodie types. My oldest son and his wife are both chefs and my husband and I work at their restaurant part-time. My other 2 kids both love to cook and eat. We always laugh that we talk about what we ate, what we are eating and what we are going to eat next ! 

They loved the bread. I shared 2 loaves of the SF bread yesterday with the staff at the restaurant . I don't have too much trouble finding willing takers. 

I am enjoying learning so many new things here from all of you at the Fresh Loaf. c

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Our kids tease us for exactly the same reason.