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1st sourdough loaves from wild yeast starter

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1st sourdough loaves from wild yeast starter

I started these loaves 3 days ago. The wild yeast that I grew from 101 tutorial, THANK YOU PHYL ! , made the base. I then created a  firm starter and fermented it at room temp for 4 1/2hrs till it grew 1 1/2X.  I then retarded it for 2 days in the fridge. I then created the dough and placed it immediately in the fridge. It quadrupled overnight. There is no additional yeast in this bread. I removed it from the fridge and left it at room temp 4 hrs.  then shaped  it in baguettes ( the slashing is getting worse...don't look)  they  rose  1 1/2 hrs. The bread was baked in preheated 500 degree oven with steam  temp reduced to 450 for 25 min internal temp 210. It tasted LOVELY !! The crumb and flavor are perfect. it had huge oven spring. I am well pleased.

finished 25 min bake at 450 w/ steam lovely texture and taste !!

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Stephanie Brim

Good job! I can't wait to see what your next ones look like if these are so good!

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tr, very nice job!  Those loaves look wonderful.

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I have more have created a monster Phyl ! c

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Thos really look good.  Can you post your formula?


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I am a male in his 60's, living in The Fraser Valley, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, who loves to cook but am also a newbie. I baked my first ever loaves (rustic) from scratch 2 weks ago. They turned out ok but misread the salt amount so it was not salty enough and crust was hard. I have learned a lot since thanks TFL. I made 2 baguets with Provence spice (used 1/2 the amount of spice) and they where at hit. Great crust (learning to deal with oven temp and steam). I am trying to learn the wild yeast technique and that is a real challenge. My goop bubble one day and not the next but I will learn. My question is once I get the WY to where I can use it how do I incorporate my Poolish, WY, goop, into my loaf? I would like to make a Foccacia or Sourdough loaf or loaves. Suggestions please!!!

ps) this has been such a hoot and thanks for the great site. It's like sitting around a kitchen table discussing a recipe and you all run home and try to out do each other.