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How to soften hard crust

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cake diva

How to soften hard crust

I have 5 SD breads, with a good representation of levain premix and straight no-knead, created after realizing I have made way too much starter. While they look marvelous, they suffer from a hard crust that I don't really like.  1) Is there anything I can do now to soften my breads? 2) At the point of use, how may I warm the bread so that it comes close to post-baking conditions? 

Thanks to oldcampcook for tips on the prophylactic treatment.

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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Overnight in a plastic bag, in a room temp area, should soften it nicely.
Warming in the Microwave for 20 seconds in a papertowel is nice.

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I do the same.

As soon as my loaves are cool enough to touch (or if I am daring enough, I will handle immediately out of the oven) I will put them in a bag.

The longer you let cool, the more your crust 'toughens'.  My family will not eat the hard crust either, so I I have to compromise.  I LOVE the hard crust for sopping up brushetta and other dippings, but if I want my kids to eat healthy breads, then I have to give them this - soft crusts.

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I use an old plastic cake carrier for my bread and other various items I can find around my kitchen(too cheap to buy plastic bags!)  I can't cut some of my bread until it softens up overnight.  Just don't try and refrigerate it, this only ruins your bread! Also, I find the microwave doesn't work that well for me when it come to bread.