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Site updates and private messages

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Site updates and private messages

Taking a break from fence rebuilding, I've updated a bunch of the modules on the site.  I added something many folks have asked for, a private messaging (PM) system, so users should be able to send and receive notes to and from other individual members of the community.  It looks like is a pretty clean, simple, easy to use system.  Let me know if you have any problems with it.

I  don't anticipate any issues, but I should make clear that as site admin I can read anyone's private messages.  I would only do so if someone reports incidents of getting creepy PMs from someone they don't really know, PM spamming, or any other PMs that violate the "honor principle" that governs the way The Fresh Loaf community governs itself.



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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Very acceptable guidelines. ;-)

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I sent myself a message with the new PM facility just to see what it was like and it worked fine.


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I gave it a try..nice feature..


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I thought PM was just something that I had never noticed before.  Well thanks, Floyd, for that.


PS Google just made some changes, too.  Ctrl-F brings up a find toolbar that I thought was a new TFL feature, but it says "Google" at the right-hand end.  Then I remembered that an hour or two ago Google let me know things had changed.  So I may be confused about what's TFL and what's Google.

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This is comforting to know that when I get stuck on a bread recipe I can SOS on here and maybe get a solution!  Testing, testing....sniffing, sniffing those wonderful baking bread aromas....

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I got to thinking that PM could be overused.  I say, use it only for messages that really are Private.  If it's about bread, post it where everyone can see it.