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Asian bread crust

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Asian bread crust

While I appreciate the crispy, GBD crust on more rustic breads, I am occasionally jonesing for an asian style bread. The kind that is light, airy and tender, with a soft and shiny crust. I've tried a few times, but so far I've failed. Any ideas on how to get this kind of crust? 

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try egg wash, a lower temperature, and a longer oven time for the crust.

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From what I understand, Asian bread is made using a combination of rice flour and all purpose flour.

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Spray them with oil before they rise for last time, cover them, and bake them from 175°C to 200°C depending on their size. Your eyes will tell you when they are nearly ready, you can also change the crust color using milk. Temperature, slow baking, that's the way.