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New Here :)

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New Here :)

Hello everyone. I have been lurking a little bit and finally decided to go ahead and register.

I've been milling our flour and baking all of our baked goods for about three years now. However, I still consider myself a pretty novice bread baker. I have basically been using the same recipe for three years with little tweaks and variations. While my family loves the bread I make I have recently begun exploring sourdoughs and artisan breads. I don't do them well yet but it's fun to play!

Unfortunately for my waistline I am pretty good at cakes and cookies. :) I've done a few wedding cakes and really enjoyed it but I want to focus on breads now. I've already learned alot from this site and I look forward to seeing improvement in my bread baking. (I also have a superpeel on the way so I may begin playing with pizza's too since that will make it easier to get into the oven!)

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Hello symplelife, and welcome.  I'm pretty new myself, but figured I'd say, Hey.

I've been having a great time learning to bake.  I've made, so far: ciabatta, honey whole wheat bread, gingerbread, and pizza (in almost reverse order).  I've not ventured into the sourdough area yet, because it seems too complicated at the moment.  I'm hoping to make some cinnamon rolls soon, and would love to get into the whole-grains racket at some point, too.

Anyway, welcome!  I just made some pizza last night again, and I'm not even nervous I'm going to mess it up anymore....



(And, wow!  Wedding cakes.  Now that's impressive!)