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Back Home Bakery

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Janet Campbell

Back Home Bakery

Hi, me again.  The brand new baker that posted her first post about 2 minutes ago.

In my first post, I mentioned the videos on The Back Home Bakery and how checking out that website led me to The Fresh Loaf. Well, I just did a bit more looking around this site and what did I find. Videos from Mark at The Back Home Bakery! Two great finds in two days to go with the two great loaves of bread I just made in two days. Go figure.

Loving this baking thing so far.


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ivy b

I am new to this site as well, though I grew up baking and cooking at my great grandma and grandma's elbows.  By no means am I an expert, but I certainly do know the family's recipes..>g<. However, I love to experiment, and experiment I do, much to my husband's waistline's demise.....


My daughters are grown, though one lives in NY (moved "back" to Bklyn, where most of my family still lives) and everyone appreciates that I still make my grandma's challah every Thursday after work. I love watching the videos - and have been so happy to find this site. It is full of warm, funny, experienced folk who know what they are talking about, know how to say it and are the most delightful company to spend an hour or so after work on the 'puter with. 


I'm glad to see you are finding this to be a delightful site as well.... and from one "newbie" to this site to the other, let me too, say "welcome". :)


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cake diva

Let me add myself to the list of very happy members to this warm and wonderful community.  Having stumbled upon this community is a very delightful surprise for me.  I learn from reading the postings and threads on the site, and yes, I have to admit, I am a big fan of Mark (Back Home Bakery) and his videos.  May his business thrive and prosper.

For the second loaf that I've ever baked in my life, I used Floyd's adaptation of the BBA stollen. It came out fantastic!  Either the formula is quite forgiving, or chuck it to beginner's luck- but I'm hooked!