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Richard Bertinet

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Richard Bertinet

Hi all,

I wanted to draw everyone's attention to an author of excellent bread making books. I have baked for a while but only over the last 7 months has it really become a passion for me. The major inspiration was a book called 'Dough' by Richard Bertinet. He is a professional baker who now lives in Bath in England where he runs a baking school. The author is French and was trained to be a baker in Paris. What sets this book apart for me is the layout, as a beginner certain books were very intimidating to look at... not this one. The book is broken down into 4 sections regarding 4 different types of dough. The really cool thing was the kneading technique that he teaches you (via the book and the included short DVD), this is a technique used in France, I tried it and my bread was so much lighter and airy. This was such an approachable and easy book to use. After 7 months of studying this book I have now bought the sequel "Crust", which goes into more complex breads, such as making sour dough with your own yeast culture. Again this is accompanied by a short DVD, I find this a great help, as written instructions in baking books are not always explicit in the eyes of a beginner.

I bring this book to the attention of the website as I recently moved to the US from England, where I had heard a good deal about the author, however he seems to have slipped under the radar over here. These two books have brought me along leaps and bounds.

Has anyone  else used/enjoyed these books?


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Welcome to the US and TFL, Ben.  Richard Bertinet is pretty well known here.  If you do a TFL search on "Bertinet," you'll find lots of posts about Mr. Bertinet, including his kneading video.

While I haven't yet added his books to my library, other TFL members have and they share your enthusiasm and admiration for his talents.


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Wisecarver (not verified)

Welcome aboard mate. ;-)


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I borrowed 'Dough' from the local library and thought it was a good read.  I quite like the pictures and found the descriptions helpful.  The book includes a kneading video on DVD that is similar to the link.

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Thankyou for the warm welcome... I look forward to sharing bread related experiences with you all.


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and have decided to start on Dough first.  I'm so glad that there are others here who think that Dough is a good purchase. Great minds think alike?  I wish I had come across this post sooner. I have also checked on the website for RB bread baking classes but also it's too pricey for me since I have to fly to the UK as well as pay for the accommodation. 


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the rye bread on page 117.  Alas, no baking times were given. Has anyone tried this bread ?

Thanks much,



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My received "Crust" from my sister for Christmas and looking forward to using it!  

I have my own 100% sourdough starter and am hesitant on how to use it in his recipes so I'm looking at many of his other ones that call for fresh yeast; I have difficulty finding this near me so I intend to use dry.  But I've seen conflicting advice: either substitute 1/4 oz dry yeast for every ounce of compressed fresh yeast, OR use 1/4 oz dry for 1/2 oz fresh.