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Apple Cherry Pie topped w/Puff Pastry

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Apple Cherry Pie topped w/Puff Pastry

Apple-Cherry Pie

Ready to Bake

Forgive my slight detour to pies here. I figure it has pastry on the top and bottom so it must be close to on topic!

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while and finally had everything in place at the right time. The pie is a combination of apple and cherry pie filling. I used about 1/3 of the normal sugar because of the cherry filling and it's very nice, not to sweet. The top is really the experiment. I have been pondering puff pastry recently and Palmiers and got the idea that if I rolled sugar in both sides of the pastry and cut it in strips, I could get my daughter to braid the top.

She did a great job with the braiding and the pies look terrific to me. More holiday fun!

Hope you are all having fun in the kitchen tonight. I also have the 3rd 4 loaf batch of WW-raisin with cinnamon about to come out. I'm gifting those to friends and family with a little holiday note. I still can't quite get them to look as nice as Floyds. Darn that guy is good!



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Beautiful Happy Holiday Looking Pie....Cherry pie is my favorite nice you made it with a puff pastry!!


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Eric, nice idea. I love flaky pastry with fruit.