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Trying out a bread machine

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Trying out a bread machine

So, having got to enjoy nice hand made bread, my wife bought me a bread maker machine for Christmas. Tesco BMS1 Breadmaker. I have made at least one loaf, each day, for 6 weeks. I have used the recipes in the handbook, non of which gave me even a passable result. I have tried surfing the web, and used a selection of other recipes, most success with those award winning ones on Carrs web site. My new  machine looks good, is easy to use and clean, and at just under £25 is priced well. But, speaking for myself, I am not able to make bread with this machine. Tesco have been really helpful to me, and are now collecting my machine for a refund of cost. I have to say, I am so disappointed with the whole experience. Bake to kneeding for me. Have a great Christmas and a good '09 all you bakers. Regards

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You stated, "...none of which gave me even a passable result..."

What was wrong with the breads?

Did they not rise of mix enough?

Did  the bread taste like old unwashed socks?

I've made delicious breads using my Toastmaster TBR20H.

I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with your model.

Happy Holidays!