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rosemary olive oil sourdough

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rosemary olive oil sourdough

Oh my goodness--I am so excited to share with some folks that might understand--I used my La Cloche baker for the first time yesterday and tried out a rosemary olive oil sourdough bread--it came out so wonderfully!  It had such great rise and the crust and crumb were so much better than anything I've done previously.  Here is a photo, not a great one, but hopefully you can see it somewhat.

This is also exciting because my leven seems to really have come into it's own.  It seems to really have great flavor and it is powerful.  I made one load the same day I started it and it rose beatifully, I undercooked it though and cut it too soon so the flavor wasn't great. The loafs I put overnight in the fridge tasted great.




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Rosemary is such a versatile herb. Your crumb looks really good and moist!