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Lamination of Doughs

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Lamination of Doughs

Editor's note: It was recently brought to my attention that the majority of this article was lifted, word-for-word and without permission, from a San Francisco Baking Institute Newsletter article, so it has been removed from the site. The pictures are originally, I believe, so I will leave them up here because readers may find them instructive. My article on baking croissants for the first time is also still available on the site.


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Inside "the Croissant Dough Formula", the roll-in fat is 25% but didn't mention based on what. It gave me wrong impression that it is based on the flour weight. But then it mentioned "The percentage of roll-in fat used is based on the dough weight." in the step of "Incorporating the fat".

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Thank you for noticing that. I have updated the formula.