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How to clean grain "Fresh" from the farm

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How to clean grain "Fresh" from the farm

 My father in law grows Montana Spring wheat.


I can get as much as I want, straight out of the combine.  He has a grain cleaner, and mill for large batches of flour, but I dont want to spend a week cleaning the mill before I use it.  if I bring a 50# bag of wheat berries home, how do I clean the chaff, dirt, bugs out of my wheat?


I can clean, sort the big pieces from the wheat in small handfulls.


Question, Can I rinse the berries before I mill them? and how should I dry them after that (in the oven?)


anone else have this  "problem"

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If your FiL has a cleaner, find out how it works and see about replicating the process but in small scale.