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Kitchen Scale - Please recommend

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Kitchen Scale - Please recommend

Having gone through 3 of these in the last few months I've decided that before I make the same mistake again, I'd try and get some recommendations for a good digital kitchen scale.

(2 generic ones from the local DIY store which both broke within a month followed by one from Salter which never worked to begin with - the sales assistant later admitted that they've had trouble with the model)  

Really I'm pretty happy with using a good old fashioned 'analogue' scale most of the time, except for home baking where small measurements in starter/yeast/salt can make a big difference.

I'm looking for recommendations for something reliable (which I can find easily in the UK)?  I'd like it to have a 1g accuracy and be able to take 4ish kg max weight . Tare function would be absolutely essential.

Thanks in advance!



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Any of the MyWeigh series. I have the i5000 which meets your requirements: 5000g capacity, 1g resolution, accurate to less than 1g before I dropped it on the tile floor from about 1.5 m, accurate to ~1.2g (*) after I dropped it, various tare functions.

The i2500 gives you 0.1g accuracy with a 2500g capacity, but I find the 5000g limit is handy because I have some large heavy ceramic mixing bowls.


(*) the lab masses I have at home are antiques and I don't think they are exactly on spec anymore either, but it is around 1.2g post-drop anyway


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The i5000 looks like an excellent model. I've found a distributor/dealer here in the UK. 

I'm certainly tempted.




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<oops double post>

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Hello FP,

I use an Accu-Weigh scale, which is commercial restaurant grade.  I purchased it 20 years ago at the Chicago food show.  Don't know how much you want to spend but the Accu-Weigh will last you a lifetime and it's very accurate (both grams and ounces) and the one I have (see link) will weigh up to 2 kilos.  Here's link which I got through Googling "Accu-Weigh".

I know you're in the U.K. but KA Bakers Catalog also has less expensive scales and the products they sell are very good quality.  Good luck in your search.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL