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Yet another croissant post

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Yet another croissant post

Ah Croissants, how you perplex me.

I'd be massively grateful for some diagnosis on my croissant crumb.  After a couple of attempts I feel I've got the layering but the large air bubbles evade me still.

The photos are actually from a batch made with pastry flour so the low protein could be the problem - they didn't rise at all really during proofing.

I've been getting similar results with AP flour though and when I use Central Mills Artisan Bakers Craft I seem to get too much gluten even if I don't knead, with bubbles all over the place during rolling.

I could share my whole process with you but don't want to bore everyone.  Plus for all I know the fault is obvious from the pics.

Thanks in advance

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After shaping and before baking, you need to let them rise a good 3 hours or more, until they're big and puffy.

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Well pastry flour is certainly a problem for croissants.  You actually need some strength in croissant dough to hold the layers.  Pastry flour is way too weak.  In fact I aim for bread flour when making croissants.  As for the bubbles maybe a little more description of your process would be helpful for a remedy.  

Are you chilling your dough sufficiently before beginning the lamination?  

I'll await some more details and see if we can get it figured out for you.